BlueStar PDM is a technical Product Data Management (PDM) system especially developed for Dynamics AX. Blue Star PDM will reduce your time to design and manage your product data. BlueStar PDM is designed with maximum security in mind as well as a clear view of very large quantities of data. BlueStar PDM is based on the ISO9000 standard, and it has been developed in dialogue with companies specializing in custom manufacture.

Main features:

Dynamics AX
Completely Integrated with MBS Dynamics AX

Document browser
Fast viewing of drawings and scanned documents.

Revision control
Which documents are approved and which are not ? BlueStar PDM gives you clear view and full control.

Search functions facilitate searching for existing objects from specific parameters. Recycling data saves time when producing variants or common objects.

Complete history function - all previous versions of all documents and files can be traced.

Distributed document - and data archives
One unified archive across sites, departments and national borders.