Axtin provides several types of education and training for organizations considering an ERP implementation, those who are in the midst of a software implementation, or companies who simply need help in improving their business processes and employee skills.

Companies can select from a variety of training options, depending on what best fits the needs and requirements of the organization, and the participants.

Axtin training professionals can help you utilize your people, and the software, to their fullest potential, facilitating cost reduction, simplification of tasks, and the streamlining of business processes. In addition, your company can quickly introduce new skills into the workplace.

Onsite Classroom Training

Training is available in a traditional classroom setting at your organization. This type of setting provides the participant with hands-on experiences, discussion with other attendees, and presentations by certified instructors.

On-line Education

On-line training enables the company, department, or individual participant to be in control of their own training schedule. Access to detailed, classroom equivalent training courses is available 24 hours a day, via the Internet from home or work. Discussions can be held with other on-line participants, as well as individual feedback from a certified instructor. Options are also available for a combination of e-courses and instructor led question and answer sessions.

Subject Matter

Training is available on a variety of topics, including:

Training Materials

Quality training materials are available for both the on-site training and online training. These materials can also be customized to incorporate your processes.

Training Professionals

All our trainers are certified in the area they are providing instruction, as well as Train-The-Trainer. They have extensive experience in adult education and multiple learning environments, and bring years of expertise and practical examples to the classroom.